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Since 1912, American Lock has been the brand of choice in security products for industry, government and commercial users worldwide, with high security padlocks that stand up both to attack and to the harshest environments. These qualities are what make American Lock “The Locksmith’s Lock.”

With 100 years of precision machining and quality manufacturing, American Lock products exceed commercial industry standards.


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Interchangeable Core Steel Padlocks

Padlocks accept six- and seven-pin cores with no spacers required.

Solid Steel Padlocks

Solid steel padlocks are made of hardened steel and are chrome plated to resist cutting, sawing and corrosion.

Weatherbuilt™ Padlock Protection is available, with the added optional upgrade of stainless steel shackles for the best combination of corrosion- and cut-resistance.

2″ (50mm) Rectangular Padlocks — 3260 Series

Includes A3260, A3261 and A3262, with product specifications listed below.

1-3/4″ (44mm) Rectangular Padlocks — 3200 Series

Includes A3200, A3201, A3203 and A3205, with product specifications listed below.

Solid Brass Padlocks

Solid brass padlocks are corrosion resistant and ideal for harsh environments — optional brass shackles are available for increased corrosion resistance; available with Weatherbuilt™ Padlock Protection option.

2″ (50mm) Rectangular Padlocks — 3570 Series

Includes A3570, A3571 and A3572, with product specifications listed below.

1-3/4″ (44mm) Rectangular Padlocks — 3560 Series

Includes A3560, A3561, A3562 and A3565, with product specifications listed below.

Solid Aluminum Padlocks

Solid aluminum padlocks are available in nine anodized finishes for easy identification, and are lightweight and corrosion resistant, ideal for harsh environments. Brass shackle option available.

1-1/2″ (38mm) Rectangular Padlocks — 3100 Series

Includes A3105, A3106 and A3107, with product specifications listed below.

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