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For more than 120 years IVES has produced a full line of premium-quality building hardware and accessories that delivers application flexibility and superior value. The expansive portfolio includes hinges, pivots, flush bolts, strikes, door trim, pulls, protection plates, lock guards and many other hardware accessories.

As the leader in door accessory hardware, IVES provides premium-quality products that are tough, durable and attractive. Available in a full complement of architectural finishes, IVES accessories coordinate seamlessly for a complete, secure, attractive door solution.



Featured Product


157XY Adjustable Continuous Hinge

Patented Vertical and Lateral Hinge Adjustment on the X and Y Axis

The new Ives 157XY is a heavy duty, easy-to-install full surface continuous hinge that can be used on standard hollow metal, minimum reveal, narrow-faced frames, and narrow stile aluminum doors.  What makes the hinge unique is that it allows all vertical and lateral clearances to be adjusted even after the hinge is secured to the door & frame.  This patented technology also makes installation faster and more efficient, and allows for a greater ease of maintenance.  It also provides a more flexible and economical aftermarket solution.

The Ives 157XY is stronger, and delivers greater performance and reliability over the life of opening.  The continuous gear hinge technology securely keys bearings to the cover and to each other to eliminate the internal flex and grinding that occur in heavy abuse applications.  All bearings are centered at the mid-height of the door which allows them to be more effective when supporting heavier doors.  This also enables easy on-site trimming without cutting of bearings and compromising the overall load capacity of the door.


  • Compatible with hollow metal, minimum reveal, narrow-faced frames, and narrow stile doors
  • Patented design allows for both vertical and lateral adjustability, and makes installation a one-person job
  • Centralized bearings provide easy field modification and greater strength


  • Full surface hinge with 1/16” door inset
  • Field sizeable – allows for in the field length modification without losing load support bearings
  • 37 flex-resistant, self-lubricating centered bearings
  • Non-handed
  • Available in 83”, 95”, or 119” lengths
  • Tamper resistant interlocking leaves
  • Hardened and plated self-drilling screws

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