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Key Safes & Locks

Keep your keys where you need them. Kidde’s AccessPoint™ line of key storage boxes and cabinets stores your physical keys so that only authorized individuals can get to them. Enjoy your freedom from inconvenient and expensive lock-outs, key duplication and distribution, and rekeying locks.

Featured Product:

KeySafe, from the Kidde AccessPoint consumer products, brings key management solutions for convenient access and storage inside and outside of homes and offices. KeySafe KeyBoxes keep your keys where you need them so you can: Buy Now


When you need security, we unlock a world of options.
In security applications, access is key. So whether you’re seeking solutions for residential or commercial applications, Kidde offers a variety of products including KeySafeTM key storage boxes, cabinets and versatile mechanical keyboxes. It’s everything you need to let authorized people into your home or business, and keep everyone else out.

Residential Key Security and Key Safety (Keysafe Portable – Key Boxes, Key Locking Cabinets, OEM Locks)

Industrial Key Security (Suprasafe, Supramax, Magnum Big Box)