Door closers and hardware for critical moments

LCN products can be found in many high-traffic facilities such as schools, hospitals, government buildings, and correctional facilities. With innovative door closure solutions, LCN products are trusted to work seamlessly during critical moments.

With our high standards of performance, customers have peace of mind knowing their facilities are protected. We have 35 different series of closers and door hardware to choose from and 15 to 20 years of operating life on our products. LCN has unmatched expertise to meet all safety and security challenges.



Featured Product:

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4000 Series Closers

Surface mounted 4000 Series LCN closers feature a modern design engineered for each application, easy installation, and superior performance.

  • Each closer (except 4040, 4040T, 4030, 4030T) is designed for a specific mounting; hinge side, top jamb, or parallel arm. 4040 closer with regular or hold-open arm mounts hinge side or top jamb. P4030 & P4040 closers include 62PA shoe required to parallel arm mount either regular or hold-open arm.
  • Handed for right or left swinging doors, except 4000T, 4030, 4030T, 4040, and 4040T
  • Closers to meet ADA reduced opening force requirements except 4000T
  • Adjustable hydraulic backcheck cushions opening swing prior to 90°
  • Separate regulation of general closing speed and latching speed
  • Joints in regular arm and shoe adapt to uneven trim
  • Reversible shoe to boost latching power or double lever arms
  • Available in a wide range of standard or optional custom powder coat finishes to blend with door and frame
  • Plated finishes available to accent door and frame
  • Not designed for exterior mounting or exposed to elements

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