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For over 50 years, Lucky Line has created innovative solutions to key handling and key organization problems. From key tags to key clips to key tag racks, Lucky Line has consistently delivered quality products at reasonable prices.

We Build Partnerships

Lucky Line built its organization around its customers’ needs. From new product development, to product packaging, and product promotion, the company combines customer input to come up with the right solutions. By analyzing sales trends, Lucky Line makes certain it carries the most current product mix and most appropriate selection for its customers. It uses the latest inventory management systems to make sure it has the products on hand when customers need them in stock. Finally, once ordered, the company’s fast turn-around delivers the correct products quickly.

Expertise: Merchandising

Lucky Line provides our field sales personnel and our home-office merchandising team with the right tools and knowledge. It has the know-how, materials, and tools to plan and execute the product presentation you desire. The company also provides complete advertising materials, co-op support, consumer information, and product promotions that fit your market needs.

Quality Story

Lucky Line’s mission is to embody the highest standards in business. The company applies these high standards to all of its products, and across all product lines. There is no better way to build loyal customer relationships. The quality of its product offering is ensured by using the right raw materials, unparalleled manufacturing, superior testing, and exacting control standards. At Lucky Line, the final measure of quality is total, end-user satisfaction.

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